Comparison between Extender and Pump

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If there is anything that kills a man’s ego, it is the thought of him not being ‘man enough’ to his woman.

For a very long time now, men have been on the lookout on what works best at ensuring that they have the desirable girth and length of their penises to no avail.

Apparently, the use of pills in itself is not the best remedy.

What then works best? This article will look into both the extender and the pump in the bid to rule out which one is more effective.


What is an extender?

An extender is a device that is strapped at the glands and base of the penis to encourage its enhancement. The trick behind it is a theory called traction that gives a stretch both in length and in girth in just 4 months.

This device can be used discreetly as it can be worn under the pants without anyone noticing. For best results use it between four to six hours daily.

Advantages of the extender

  • It is clinically tested and proven to have efficient and effective results both for girth and length increase.
  • Helps modify penises that are curved.
  • It is way affordable than surgery.

Disadvantages of the extender

  • It is not an easy task to wear an extender in your penis for 4-6 hours in a day as it provides discomfort. It may even be hard to hide under one’s clothes.
  • It is not the most suitable device for use by those who are involved in hard labor.
  • It may cause irritation or bruising which could end up ripping off nerve endings.

What is a pump?

These could either come as air based or water based but they both work under the same principle. Pumping is meant to increase the flow of blood in the penis which categorically increases the penis size.


Advantages of pumps

  • As compared to the extender, you only need to wear this for between fifteen to twenty minutes in a day
  • They are very comfortable as compared to the extender as well.
  • Research shows that it is more effective as compared to the extender as well as more inexpensive.

Disadvantages of pumps

  • May not be helpful in treating curvatures as the former.
  • You need to be really patient to see the results as it takes longer.
  • May be uncomfortable to use in the shower.
  • Too much use is not good for your tissues.

Final word

Comparing both the pump and the extender, you will realize that each one has its own unique features and merits. As such, the one you choose may be dependent on the following cases;

  • If you want a cheaper option, the pump is definitely the best one for you.
  • If you are looking for increase in length, then the extender will be the best choice as it pulls the penis. On the other hand, the pump would be good for your girth size.
  • If you are looking for both girth and length, make your choice depending on how soon you want to see the results

Happy enhancement!