Simple step by step how to use Bathmate hydro pump.

Learn how to use the Bathmate before you buy, if you are comfortable with the instruction, then you may consider owning a Bathmate. These videos demonstrate the steps to utilize the device so you may have some idea what this pump looks like and how it work. The simple instruction provides some inspiration when using the hydro pump. If you are not comfortable with the method, please don’t buy as you need to use it every day. Enjoy the video and hope you like it.





How to use Bathmate hydromax

The more advanced of Bathmate called Hydro pump, check this step by step video and see how it work. You will have to use the Hydromax in the same manner. Do take note the difference between the Hydro pump and Hydromax as both have their own feature and advantages. You can compare the different from the videos. In this way, you may get some understanding before buying Bathmate.