Bathmate is a Hydro pump manufacturer by UM Products Ltd. It has a very unique method to increase the penile size by using the hydraulic force and suction power of from the water and air pressure.

John is the inventor of the revolutionary Bathmate Hydropump, and now the new 35% more powerful version, the Hydromax. He gets the idea 10 years ago while looking for the penis enlargement products to combat his penile shrinking from too much weight lifting, after trying a few existing products, he quickly realizes the pump were poorly designed and manufactured which also caused very undesirable side effect. He stalwart that he can do a lot better and set a lab by developing a product which has surpassed all those against before.

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Men from all work of life with doctors worldwide have provided growing endorsement, with the pinnacle of this being major international distributor, signing up to sell a Hydro pump has then become the No.1 product.